Club photo album -- Bridge at Ginger Creek, Champaign IL

Steve Notaro (center), director of the Champaign County Humane Society,
brought 7-week-old kittens "Double" and "Redouble" to the Charity Pairs at the 1998 Champaign Regional. Holding the guests: Martha Leary (left) & Karen Walker. 

Miska and Marcin Szumowski (after a bottle of champagne)
at their "Moving-to-Reno" farewell party at the club.

Adam Miller, 1998 Player of the Year,
at his "Moving-to-L.A." farewell party.

John Brandeberry, 2002 winner of the
Central Illinois Goodwill Award


Multiple Flt. B&C Grand National Team champs:
Bill Lindemann Sr, Bill Lindemann Jr, Gary Dell, Dan Faulkner

After-hours discussion of the hands.

3-time Flt. B Grand National Team champs -- Martha Leary, Ned Horton (1999 Player of the Year), Debbie Avery, Bill Langendorf

Marital bliss: Bob Steigmann, Debbie Avery, Sherry Steigmann, Chuck Avery
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